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About us

The Pilgrim's to Willoughby Residents Association, established in 2001, represents residents living in seven streets in Hampstead, London, England: Pilgrim's Lane, Willoughby Road, Rudall Crescent, Willow Road, Denning Road, Carlingford Road and Kemplay Road.

Here are a few of the things we do:

  • Sponsor social events for members

  • Manage a recommended trades list for members

  • Circulate local news about and for members

  • Alert members to local crime issues

  • Improve our streetscape by working with Camden on cleanliness, fly tipping, lighting, repairs and planting new trees

  • Maintain contacts with other Hampstead organisations

  • Manage a Facebook page for members to connect and share (search for the Pilgrim's to Willoughby Residents Association on Facebook and ask to join the Facebook group)

Membership is open to all residents of the neighbourhood.



tinywow_tinywow_street names_7686494_7686627_1.jpg
tinywow_tinywow_street names_7686494_7686627_1.jpg


The PWRA committee is elected annually at the Christmas party/AGM.  Each street has its own representatives.  To get in touch with your street rep, click below.

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