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Over the last two decades, the PWRA has supported, lobbied and paid for many projects to improve local amenities and the neighbourhood streetscape, including restoring traditional lighting to the neighbourhood, installing new playground equipment, and successfully lobbying for new electric vehicle charging points. We also have raised thousands for local charities.

New playground equipment for Willow Road playground

The PWRA sponsored new play equipment to enhance the recent renovation of the East Heath playground.  The Association also purchased equipment in the past.


Charging points installed

The Association successfully lobbied to be part of a new pilot scheme installing more 25 electric vehicle charging points at pavement level, supporting more sustainable transport while protecting the conservation area.


Traditional lighting restored

One of the first projects was raising funds to reinstate traditional lamp posts throughout the neighbourhood. After 20 years, many now need work. We have worked with Camden to devise a renovation programme throughout the neighbourhood.  Work on the lamp posts will begin soon.

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